Finishing Process

KW Anodizing Ltd. offers a variety of anodizing finishes to meet your anodizing needs

  • Trivalent (Clear Chromate) RoHS compliant
  • Hexavalent ( Yellow Chromate) per MIL-C5541
  • Black & Clear Anodizing per MIL-A8625 Sulfuric Acid Anodize Type II


The cleaning process is key to production because this stage will remove all oils, coolants and any contaminates that the product has come in contact with. We clean our products with an alkaline heated detergent, which is non etching. The product is then rinsed multiple times.


Etching is an alkaline solution also known as sodium hydroxide. This stage removes a thin layer of aluminum which then gives the product a matte look finish, preparing it for anodizing


This process eliminates impurities and alloys in the aluminum


The product is then placed in a tank containing electrolytes, which is also known as the acid bath. This step is where the parts are submerged and the anodic film is developed to form aluminum oxide.



Organic dies penetrate pores created during the anodizing and provide a coloured finish


The product is soaked in a tank of hot sealing chemical solution. This stage will seal the open pores and seals the finish so it becomes resistant to stain, color fading and abrasion.